The Slide Fire Solutions SSAR-15 Bump Fire Device

Posted on September 14, 2013 – 19:04

“I don’t think so, ” he said, “but you never know. “ The major difference in the actual time-line of the invention is that Akins never sent the ATF the actual product that was sold to the public. The one he submitted was on a different gun at the time and it didn’t work very well. When the ATF later tested the consumer device it wasn’t the same thing that they had issued their letter on, and it worked really well, so they felt they had a perfect right to ban it outright, despite the letter. With the Slide Fire I sent them an early prototype, got the go-ahead from them, then sent the completed product when it was ready for the consumer market. They tested the actual stock that you buy and that is what they issued the letter on. There are no loopholes here. We followed the rules. If the ATF wants to now come and ban the Slide Fire, they basically have to modify the definition of a machinegun. The Slide Fire is simply a high quality 33% glass nylon AR stock with no moving parts, period. The only thing firing the gun is you. Nobody can predict what the ATF is going to do about anything, but from our side we have done everything by the book. ”

All we can do from here out is wish Mr. Cottle the best with his invention, and hope that the ATF lets us keep our cool toy. The invention came in the aftermath of three life saving brain surgeries after Mr. Cottle was injured in action during Operation Enduring Freedom. Forced to take some time off from life to recover he found himself back where his grandparents grew up, and with time to go shooting. The idea came from Divine Inspiration says Mr. Cottle, and he had a working prototype within two hours. Two years and 8 revisions made with rapid prototyping and the commercial version of the Slide Fire became a reality. It was officially released earlier this year.

Just How Good Is It?

This is the million dollar question of course, and the answer is more detailed that you might imagine. That is our resident US Army Sniper Ben Becker in the video, and it took him about 2 magazines to get the gun to run as quickly as you see there. The secret is that you have keep your finger on that rest that is on the other side of the trigger guard. Then you simply push the forend forward. The push motion becomes your trigger and as above, that push can be one shot to a whole magazine with complete control. It’s like push, puuush, puuuuuush, puush puush, puuuuuush and the rounds grind out. When you first try it, concentrate on the finger and keeping it down on the rest, as you see in the pictures.


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Report: SBC to Acquire AT&T for $16B

2005-01-30 13:30:50 by -

Which is probably 10 times what it's worth
NEW YORK (AP) - Local phone giant SBC Communications Inc. has agreed to acquire AT&T Corp. for roughly $16 billion in cash and stock, according to a published report.
Citing sources close to both companies, The Wall Street Journal reported on its Web site that the deal had been struck and that boards of both companies were planning votes Sunday afternoon. SBC spokesman Walt Sharp told The Associated Press he had "no information on anything of that nature."

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